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Experience That Shows

We provide the professional trucking industry quick lubrication services (lube, oil, filter) that keep the driver and equipment on the move!
We do so by providing:

  • Facilities that are near major highways with easy in - easy out access

  • Shops that are clean, organized and ready to do business

  • Most oil and lubrication services are completed within a half hour

  • Best in the industry oils, lubes, and filters and

  • Most importantly, by putting the right people under your truck

  • Our employees who are knowledgable, competent, and eager to work.

We work closely with our clients to customize the services we provide based on their specific needs and circumstances. We’re proud to be a leading Truck Wash Service in Edmonton. Please contact us today to get in touch with our team of experienced professionals or call us 780.479.6600 or email us:









"We don't want to push our ideas on to customers,

we simply want to make what they want."



If your vehicle needs washed, come to ABS Truck Wash & Lube and let us take care of it for you! ABS Truck Wash is a commercial fleet and private vehicle washing service located in 6030 125 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 2G8. We wash all shapes and sizes of vehicles, from commercial tractor trailers. If it can fit in our bays, we can wash it. We offer mobile commercial fleet washing services for professional drivers on the go. We hand wash every vehicle that comes to us with the best cleaning products in the business. We also do pressure washing to ensure that your truck is sparkling clean. ABS Truck Wash is a full service truck wash capable of meeting all your washing needs. We offer the best attention to detail with hand wash service. No job to big or small. Ultimate Truck Wash, Acid Brite, Aqua Shield, and Citri Bright are just a few of the many options we offer. Horse trailers, Bull racks, TANKERS (inside and out) are no problem. Our massive wash bay will fit any vehicle and trailer up to 100 feet long while our lube bay has an oil change pit to speed up the process and get you back on the road as fast as possible. The unsurpassed quality of our wash is evident in our interior detailing and decal removal services; our attention to detail on even the largest projects will leave your rig spotless and ready to be both your office and home on those long hauls.


"Our goal is to serve our clients better than anyone else"


ABS Truck Lube offer a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable service giving you confidence and peace of mind. We are committed to provide services that meet our clientele’s individual requirements with a personalized touch. We are proud of our employees focus on the changing needs of our customers and their ability to provide them with a flexible, dependable service in a timely and reliable manner. With no appointment necessary ABS Truck Lube offers our busy clients the flexibility to come when it is most convenient for them. Quality is the core element in our operating philosophy. At QTL we use only OEM recommended filters and oil products. We have an oil change pit to speed up service times. All major brands and types of oils available. Which includes our house oil Delo, Shell, Chevron, and Mobil.  This also includes conventional, part synthetic, and full synthetic oils. Huge selection of competitively priced OEM and fleet guard filters. We only carry the best products available today. From accessories to our full line of Forte additives.

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